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Kimtaiti Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in September 1993 and has progressively established herself as one of the leading manufacturer specializes in steel wire mesh, bespoke mesh and wire supports for the construction, civil engineering and industrial applications. Our core product is steel reinforcement, from standard mesh fabric to a wide range of popular commercial quality dimensions and sizes to custom engineered mesh, reinforcing steel bars, high yield deformed bars, to cold-Reduced Low Carbon Hard-Drawn Steel Wires, Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh to Imperial Rolled Mesh for Culverts and popular rolled mesh for civil and industrial applications.

Your business is construction, ours is reinforcement solutions provider. In our business partnership, we minimize your steel mesh laying time, cut manpower requirements and expediate construction programmes, saving time and minimize resources and delivery on time to meet your needs. As a result, we have the resources to operate our plants requirement around the clock to accomplish medium or high volume orders while providing the flexibility to fulfill lower quantity orders when needs arise.

Since the Company had shifted to the new manufacturing plants in Oct 2012, the Company has been embarking on a more aggressive approach to continual development and upgrade of our resources, to validate or benchmark our proactive strategies by adopting to modern technology, revamp processes, to allow the Company to remain relevant and competitive within the next five years.

Quality Mission
K.T.T strives to provide Quality Products, reliable services and prompt delivery to position herself as a leading manufacturer to meet our customers' requirements, while sharing our success and vision with our dedicated & committed staffs by enhancing and unholding integrity, competency in the team work as our traditional business work culture.

Our Commitment To Customers
We are commited to conduct continual quality improvement to enhance our value added products and services through our innovation and technology-driven programs to stay relevant and cost competitive with the focus to meet our business partners.